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Winners of the Ben Warren-International House Trust Prize

The Ben Warren-International House Trust Prize is awarded on a biennial basis to the author or authors of the most outstanding work in the field of language teacher education...

Previous winners

Exploring Psychology in Language Learning

2015 Exploring Psychology in Language Learning and Teaching. Marion Williams, Sarah Mercer and Stephen Ryan (OUP)

Teaching Young Learners English

2013 Teaching Young Learners English. Joan Kang Shin and JoAnn Crandall (Cengage)

Classroom Management Techniques

2012 Classroom Management Techniques. Jim Scrivener (Cambridge University Press)

Essential Teacher Knowledge

2011 Essential Teacher Knowledge. Jeremy Harmer (Pearson)

Translation in Language Teaching

2010 Translation in Language Teaching. Guy Cook (OUP)

The Psychology of SLA

2009 The Psychology of Second Language Acquisition. Zoltán Dörnyei (OUP)

Listening in the Language Classroom

2008 | Listening in the Language Classroom. John Field (CUP)

How to Teach with Technology

2007 How to Teach with Technology. Gavin Dudeney & Nicky Hockly (Pearson Longman)

Dealing with Difficulties

2006 Dealing with Difficulties. Lindsay Clandfield and Luke Prodromou (DELTA Publishing)

The Experience of Language Teaching

2005 The Experience of Language Teaching. Rose Senior (Cambridge University Press)

How to Teach Writing

2003 How to Teach Writing. Jeremy Harmer (Longman)

English as an International Language

2002 Teaching English as an International Language. Sandra Lee McKay (OUP)

Uncovering Grammar

2001 Uncovering Grammar. Scott Thornbury (McMillan Heinemann)

Teaching Languages to Young Learners

2000 Teaching Languages to Young Learners. Lynne Cameron (CUP)

How to Teach Grammar

1999 How to Teach Grammar. Scott Thornbury (Longman)

Mentor Courses

1998 Mentor Courses. Angi Malderez and Caroline Bodóczky (CUP)

Action Research

1997 Action Research for Language Teachers. Michael Wallace (CUP)

A Framework for TBL

1996 A Framework for Task Based Learning. Jane Willis (Longman)